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Ive converted a set of stock OEM rotors for the 03-04 R6 to full floating rotors. I used STM rotor buttons and they work awesome. For those that want the benefit of floating rotors but do not want to pay the price, these are an excellent upgrade. Most of you can get only 1-2 full revolutions of the front wheel while on a stand with the stock rotors. With these, i was able to get 9-10 full revolutions. Less brake drag = more power available to be used where its needed.
You can see Big Deezul was one of the first to do the "Rotor mod" and you can view it in this thread
The STM buttons sell for $8-9 EACH and Ive got 7 on each rotor plus 6 spares for a total of 20 buttons, washers, and clips. You do the math. It adds up pretty quick.
I would like to get $165 plus shipping and i'll include a set of Galfer HH pads (low miles) that were used with these rotors so there's no need to buy a new set of pads or worry about breaking them in properly.
The rotors are not warped and do not vibrate
Pics will be up tonight.
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