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FS: Astars Tech Back Protector

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I got this when I bought my new bike just to find out a medium is too big. It's been worn twice, once for sizing and once when I found out it was too big (which lead to me taking it off right away).

It fits fine when standing straight up, but the top of the piece goes into my helemet while sitting on my bike. I'm 5' 9" and its probably 2-4" too big.

I'm in the 'burbs of Minneapolis and only asking $115, which is how much I got it for. I'd prefur a local sale if anyone is interested, but will ship if nessacary.

From calsportbike.com
* Cross Torsion Linkage (patented) shock absorber system
* Flexible central linkage adapts and moves with the body
* Expanded polymer foam for impact speed reduction
* Dual density foam for low impact loads
* Comfortable and soft fabric liner
* CE prEN 1621-2 certified blade and waist extensions for improved protection
* Perforations to keep you cool and comfortable


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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