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FS: 99-02 forks, billet upper triple clamp

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Hey guys , havent been around too much but i sold my track bike and i have some parts left over that i'd like to sell:

i pair of nice straight fork legs , no leaks, just wear from being adjusted. they were spares for the race bike but never needed them. $200 or offers.

I also have a really nice billet upper triple clamp off the bike, it was custom made for the bike at a machine shop in Toronto Canada, much much beefier than stock and fits perfectly. no spot for the key switch though, so it would be suited for a track / race bike. looks sweet too , $50 or offers.

email me , as i'm not on the site all that often - pizzamike2100 At ho tmai l DOt com.
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had to add: the clamp is for sale since they mandated factory triples up here, so the bike is back to stock setup.
Dibs on the clamp.

Shipped, Do you take paypal?
PM'd you, paypal is no problem.
do you have any more pics of the forks? do they have any damage? if not, i am interested. email pics to [email protected] pls. thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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