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Okay guys...putting up for sale full set of RAVEN PLASTICS in very MINT condition!!!

P A R T I N G.....I T....A L L....O U T....BOYS!!!!!!!! Dig in!!!

All fairing are road-rash(scratch) free...except Right Lower one has a very VERY THIN scratch that is thinner than a grass hair. Not noticeable...its at VERY BOTTOM!!!! (see pics: its very tiny)

And Rear (upper) Fairing has two small scratches that the previous dumbo owner sharpied in the seat covers them mostly so they are NOT visible, unless you're looking for them. Untrained eye will not spot them.

HERE ARE THE PRICES (shipped) in US:

Rear Upper $138 shipped --- (new1 costs $188+shp)
Rear Lower $60 shipped w/signals --- SOLD
Right MID $140 shipped --- (new1 costs $260+shp)
Left MID $140 shipped --- SOLD
Top Right (L shaped) $100 shipped --- (new1 costs $130+shp)
Top Right (L shaped) $100 shipped --- (new1 costs $130+shp)
Right Lower $150 shipped --- (new1 costs $240+shp)
Left Lower $150 shipped --- (new1 costs $240+shp)
Front Wheel Fender $60 shipped --- (new1 costs $88+shp)
Left Front Fairing $60 shipped --- (new1 costs $83+shp)
Right Front Fairing $60 shipped --- (new1 costs $83+shp)

Rear Tire Hugger (Carbon Fiber) $130 shipped
Front Tank Cover (Carbon Fiber) $150 shipped

Any questions...feel free to PM me.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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