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Fresh bird, anyone?

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What I found while I cleaned the bike this past Saturday...

Lucky it hit the front fork.:thumbup
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i would check deeper.... gotta be even MORE remains inside.
you didn't feel it when it happened?!?!
I got a similar pic and for me most of the bird got lodged up behind my fairings.

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NOVAdam said:

i bet that was some sick looking sh*t when you popped the fairings off. :barf
It did look sick, but smelled even worse.
i bet that was a bitch to clean out

that sucks
give a new meaning to ''getting the bird'' :) that sucks though man, i hit a bird at 30, lucky it just flew under the tire
Hahaha thats pretty nasty. I'm sure you had fun pulling out the remains of it
i'm sure this pic is a repost, but here goes


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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