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...and have tried different gearing, what gearing works best for you?

i've got 15/50 on my bike right now, and it was fine and dandy for my first trackday there. However, after my second trackday there, I've found that I may be a bit too short in a few places. I counted a total of 11 gear changes on one lap. Does that sound about right for you local guys? Specifically, I felt between gears in turn 4 and coming out of the skid pad. Using 3rd, I'd get no drive what so ever, and in 2nd I got great drive but it was tough trying to be smooth. But, this could all be my lack of experience talking...or jealousy at the R1 guys who are in 2nd and 3rd the whole track and shift maybe 3 times total. Hahaha.

I'm wondering if 15/48 would be a better "fit" to that track. Any suggestions?

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