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flat tire repairable????

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alright so i got dam flat last night but i was curious, its in the middle of the tire nice size piece of glass i was able to pull it out as well prolly the size is like this big depending on font size i==i can i repair this from the inside????? what is your alls opinion????
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No plug will fix that kind of flat because its glass (more of a linear gash) instead of a nail (puncture). Also because its in the middle where it realy heats the hell up a plug wont do the trick. I suggest getting a new tire. There is another option that you can do. You can take the tire off and patch it from the inside but I dont know how well that will work considering the puncture is in the middle and I dont wannna be responsible for you wrecking from the patch not holding. So yea on the safe side get that new tire on there.
Depending on the tread left, patch it.
Ya patch it with bubble gum:badger
That picture is funny for some reason :lol
wow lastnight the same exact thing happened to me! im pissed memorial day and cant get a effin tire anywhere!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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