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First Track Day! (56K beware)

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Well I bought all this gear and figured it was time to stop being a pussy and do a track day. Went with a buddy of mine on his GSXR-1000, had a blast and dragged knee for the first time. :hyper

Bikes loaded up in the sweet U-Haul Trailer :lol

Gixxer boy

Rocking through turn 7

Looking like I'm fast

So close

Through Turn 8 (need to kiss dem mirrors)

through Turn 9

The setup

All in all it was a great day and I'll be back for more this summer. Wish some of the pictures were closer but we don't have much zoom on our one SLR lens. Also they limited track access to people not racing because one guy next to us DESTROYED his 02 Gixxer 1k target fixating on someone else taking pics on the track.

Got my knee down 3 times in the last session on turn 7 (no pics from the limited access). My buddy went out for one more session than I did at the end of the day, didn't warm up his tires and was trying to drag knee, which = low side. No pics of that because he was pissed but a new rearset, clip-on and tail section and he's back in business. The motovation USA frame sliders (the one's I use as well) held up better than any slider I've ever seen.

Also my Pilot Powers (thanks calsportbike:D) were freaking awesome. Book over :hattip
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Great job man. Your riding has come a looooong way since the first time we ever met up. You went from 3 inch chicken strips to dragging knee in 1 year. Awesome job man.:thumbup

PS- Tell Bri great job with the shots! Her and Jenn need to come to the track when we go down.
Thanks man! It's all because of you and Needtoride. If I never met you too I wouldn't be the 3-inch wheelie, knee dragging squid I am today :p

Bri was sad the pictures didn't turn out better but it was really the lack of zoom on the lens. She did a great job and what a wife to come to shitty Pueblo in 95 degree heat and take pictures. Jen and her will have to come down next time. Probably July because I'll be in Ireland for the bike only day in June.

Now time to hit the pool. Rough I know. :lol
ahhh crap. I want to go into the pool.:(

I am work
Get a room you two! j/k

Sweet pics Nick, I'm jealous!

Damn I wish I could have gone....Pics are great and looks like a blast guys...wheeeeeeeee
^ You should have. One thing I noticed once the day was done was I had no urge to have a track only bike or start racing. It became such a pain to get the bikes down once my trailer connection fell through and I was about 10 + seconds off MRA novice supersport pace (and that was like 10th place pace) I know a lot of people say going to the track makes you want to race but that's some serious commitment.
^^ Very true. I bought a starter race bike last year, but after realizing I needed full leathers, steering damper, boots and host of other things and that's before I even got to the track somehow.

You just have to start stunting on the highway, wayyyy cheaper and chicks dig it wayyyyy more...haha
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