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first race weekend on the vintage bike

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my rd400, working out the cob webs.

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nice pics
and nice bike
are those the best tires you can get for what thing?
yeah those tires are as good as it gets for me i''m afraid. avon race tires in 18". 130 rear 11 front. but actually they aren't that bad. they stick pretty good and as the bike weighs about 200# it's not as much pressure on them. a lot of guys race those old bikes with 100's on the rear! willow springs is a very fast track though and i wanted as much meat as i could get under the bike. when they slid, and YES they slid, it was very very predictable and and not at all alarming. i just have to figure out the carburation the suspention and the TOTAL lack of brakes and i'll be golden :lol
Damn, how cool is that? Looks like a blast :thumbup
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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