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First pics of my 05 R6 - Finally

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So yeh as the title states I finally got the chance to take some good pics of the 6. Got it right at a year ago. yeh yeh , I waited until everything I had ordered came in to put them on to get some good pics, that and I have been away from home for the past 7 months.

Got rid of the stickers, gives it a cleaner look IMHO.
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A couple more pics and a vidoe of the sound of Graves exhaust.

MVI_0012.AVI (3.70MB)
Hey Nice bike!! kinda like mine.. Here is a picture of my bike with the red front rim.

Ride Safe!!

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love those red levers u guys got, fister is that the pazzo's short which model is it? looks sweet AS and any pics on the High Bimmin Passenger Sets LEDs lit up in the dark? :D
Nicely done! I got the same slip-on :thumbup
tfy-r6 said:
fister is that the pazzo's short which model is it?...........any pics on the High Bimmin Passenger Sets LEDs lit up in the dark? :D
They are the regular Pazzo Lever's


Thanks for all the compliments, yeh I definitely love the way the red rim looks in contrast with the back black one, I love the sound of the Graves it's got a nice deep rumble to it.:thumbup
^ fk that's some nice sht right there man gratz! nice ride :thumbup :thumbup
How is the scorpio alarm??? be honest lol...Is it worth it?? Pros / Cons ??

Thanks !
i got the scorpio too i reckon it's well worth the $, least i dont have to walk in and out to check on my bike when i'm out knowing that if anyone goes near it it will scream and tell me, the range of that thing is fine in the open but its SHIT once u're behind a couple of walls in a building just my :2cents
How do you like the Corbin seat? bike looks nice
looks nice sounds nice
overall very nice:thumbup
looks really nice!!!
i like the seat cowl sticker alot!!

nice to see another R6 in TX!
The scorpio is nice, I havent had any problems with it at all so far. Range has been good but not the .25-.5 miles that is advertised, oh well.

The corbin seat is actually really comfortable. It was kinda pricey to get and a little hard at first but after a while it broke in and is comfortable as shit. It's so much more enjoyable to be able to go for long rides now:thumbup
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