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first 06 crashed, check it out!

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I was looking for some bikes on copard and found this, i think it might be the first 06 to be down ;)

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i doubt its the first but that sucks
No there was an anni that went down like three months ago, i had pics in a thread i made about it.
if you go to the R6-Forum, every other post is an 06 going down for the last 2 months or so.
aar0ncee said:
if you go to the R6-Forum, every other post is an 06 going down for the last 2 months or so.

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Trust me this wasn't the first. Both Big D and I crashed on ours last month at different tracks.
local racer (AMA) wrecked his at barber, it caught on fire. Corner worker took his sweet ass time putting it out and used the wrong extinguisher. They had to pull the engine and put it in another 06, one of their FX bikes.

well first crashed that i can acually buy lol ;)
Here's a better one that was wrecked also and it was a 50th as well.......pic's below

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what a fucking waste.

guy didn't even have his plate yet.

hadn't even taken the octane warning sticker off the tank yet!

yup it was probably a first bike and was trying to learn on it......i mean damn why can't they just buy these bikes for us and we can trade them our old R6's...lol if they were going to wreck them.
that second one looked mostly cosmetic, the forks look fine too. damn i would buy that in a heartbeat.
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