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Few General Q's any1 here can answer

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Well not ANYONE, but most of you R6 regulars should be able to answer...

-What are your guys' thoughts on a R6 as a primary source of transportation(college,work,and cruisin on the weekends) here in SoCal. I've never owned a bike and have been thinkin about gettin an R6 as a primary source of transportation because I wanna save up for a downpayment on the car I want so the R6 will be primary for about a year. I have buddies who will help me with a car if i really need it. I am prepared for rain, very limited trunk space and passenger space, as well as the hassle of wearing glasses with a helmet. What do u guys think? 20yr old bachelor.

-Are there any defects between the 03/04/05 R6s? I'm lookin into a few 05s but a few 03s as well. Not trying to race or track the bike. Just want to make sure I dont run into any severe issues with a certain year model.

-What is considered "high mileage" for a 600cc bike? Ie: a car with 100,000 is considered high mileage, how does a bike compare?
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you can find plenty of 03s with under 20k miles easy! as for primary source, its kinda iffy for me but a lot of ppl do it. theres all kinds of bags you can get, backpack, tankbag, and ones that go on the backseat to make up for the "trunk"

theres no HUGE difference from the 03/04 and 05......just forks, front tire, swingarm and throttle bodies but no visual difference besides the front forks.
ugh, i used to have my 6 as my primary for awhile, plus the ride i owned previously. at first i didn't mind suiting up to go anywhere/everywhere. but after awhile it got old. having to borrow a car to do grocery shopping/various errands also was a pain. i was relieved to get a cage to do other things with. However, i lived on the EC and i had to contend with worse weather than just rain. The r6 is a great icebreaker/prop for dates, mr. bachelor, but i still prefer to have an option when it comes to riding.
For primary transportation it might not be too bad especially in socal.. lane sharing is a definite plus
wow great! I thought I was one of the few who was gonna use the R6 as a primary source of transportation. PS: can any1 answer my last question regarding the mileage??
I'd say high mileage would be 25,000 miles and up. THese bikes can run a long time just keep up on general maintence. A few guys on here have done 60,000 miles with no problems.
Used mine as primary transport and for deliveries nationwide for 3 years in this hell hole so you should be fine.
You need to have a place to store it...especially if it's your primary trans. My buddy lived in SoCal for a few years and had both his motorcycles stolen, despite being chained down. Spend some money/time on good locking system.

Otherwise, sure, for a young guy the r6 is a great daily bike. get used to wearing a backpack everywhere or get some saddlebags...no biggie.

Don't worry about mileage if the bike has been properly maintained. and don't jhust take the seller's word for it. try to go to their house and look in their garage...if things are neat and orderly, or if their car is REALLY clean, you have a good indication he's been good with the bike. Look closely at the bike and make sure it has been taken care of...like, no rubber bits sticking to the underside of the tail, leaky forks/shock, etc.

Good luck...and when you get the car, get that bike on the track...
thanks a lot for ur responses guys. GREATLY appreciate the support and am getting happier by every response posted. I plan to get an 03/05 R6 under 10k miles by the end of June at latest. I will definetely post pics when I get it as well as some action shots ;) . As for the backpack, i'm definetely prepared. That was also a question I was gonna ask..whats a good,tough, nice looking, *WATERPROOF* backpack on the market? I plan to carry my laptop, clothes, etc.. in there so I am willing to pay a good amount for a good backpack. Also hope it's comfortable wearing my gear
Ya if you live in SoCal you definately can use it for primary transportation. I lived in SD for a couple years and the only times it would suck is in the winter time when it actually rains. :) I would say high milage is >25K miles. I sold my 2001 at 26K miles and it still ran like a champ, but I would look for a lower mile bike.
in the words of napoleon...yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss
In Socal you should be fine, but there are a couple things you may want to seriously consider that haven't been mentioned here.

1. R6 is not good for going on dates. Maybe for getting them, but after the third date, she's gonna not appreciate riding on the back in a dress.

2. The R6 isn't that comfortable for a daily commuter. You may want to think about something easier to ride every day. FZ6 maybe?

Just a thought. Good luck with whatever you decide.
what makes the r6 so difficult to use as a daily commuter? is it too stiff, uncomfortable, etc...??? please explain...

as for the date thing, its not a issue. Lots of the girls i knwo dont even want me riding, theyre afraid I might get hurt...how nice. But yea I can save gas cuz they can be picking me up instead ;)
the racy position of the 6 makes it uncomfortable if you're in the correct riding posture for long periods of time. most of the time i see people riding improperly while commuting on a sportbike. they tend to lock their elbows and rest their weight on their wrists. big no-no. the fz6 has a more upright riding position that makes it comfier (is that a word?) i used my 6 as a commuter for quite some time and i got tired of it. these bikes were made to be leaned thru corners and dogged out. not made for puttering around town. but everyone rides for different reasons. if you just want a lane splitter then you would do fine w/ an fz or another bike that isn't so racy. keep us posted!
does this apply to lots of other popular sportbikes ie: GSXr's, honda CBRs, etc...
^ yes. Any supersport bike will be the same way.
eek i better be prepared. any tips on how to be atleast somewhat comfortable on it? i tend to have lower backpains when i drove my 03Evo in those recaros unless i kept figiting around in em
are you in decent physical shape? i suggest working on toning your lower back and legs. maybe get some aftermarket comfier hand grips
yes im in "decent" phsyical shape..haha im a young guy, 20yrs old, 5'9, 160lbs. I do MOSTLY upper body exercises, but I do squat, deadlift, and ride bikes uphills to build leg power. Maybe its genetics? My mother had back problems and had back surgery. I have hurt my back about 3-4x trying to deadlift too much when i first started lifting, but i'd say im in good shape and i eat healthy (if i eat carl's jr, i get back aches, odd, so i stay away from that kind of food)
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