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Fender Bender...

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As Im driving to work today, I ended up going into the back of some lady... Actually glancing off the side of her and nailed her passenger brake light with the left side of my bike... Essentially, my lane was in was merging into the lane to the right and as I went to merge, I turned to check if the lane was clear, and merged. When I turned around, the lady in front of me slammed on her brakes because someone merging cut her off and as I swerved, we connected. It was pretty lame but I stayed up and managed to only demolsh the left part of the front cowling and a couple of other scratches but thats about it.

Anyone know a good place to get a new cowling for an 06?? I cant seem to find a place online... Thanks guys and ride safe.
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Glad you're unhurt, good work keepin the bike upright!

Doubtful that online places will have 2006 parts yet. Best place to order is the dealership. Make sure you go to where you got the bike, they should be able to get you the employee price becuz you're a recent customer. You'll get a fat discount and you wont' have to pay for shipping.
I found a couple online places that arent too expensive...
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