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Favorite roads

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A good site to find some new roads, or just to add your own.

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i live in a city and the roads are sh1te, so its hard to find decent riding roads but last feb i ventured out and ended up in north wales and found the road south out of bets- wy - coed (sp ?) i think it was the a470 ?? excellent, long curvy, very scenic and empty of cars........ but if ya ever go ferrell and ride as far as alaska, all the roads are perfect in an extreme way :

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That'll be Betws-y-Coed near Ffestiniog.

Keep following it till you get to Newtown, then head south on the A483.......awesome.
that will be the one.........

I was on it today during an advanced lesson this afternoon.

And yes.............. its nice !!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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