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For sale is a 04' R6 in the black/red paint scheme with white accents. The bike has 11.5K miles on it and is in great condition. No dents or dings. The owner before me was a young woman who tiped the bike in her driveway when her dog jumped in front of her and scraped the side very lightly. She quit riding and sold the bike. I bought it and replaced a few things that got scraped. It has a brand new OEM Yamaha stator cover, brand new urethane bar ends (can handle a tipover if your a new rider), T-Rex low profile frame sliders (same purpose as the bar ends). In addition the bike has a fully adjustable suspension from the factory preload/rebound/riding height, and I have installed a Yoshimura slip on full size canister exhaust. The bike sounds amazing, runs great, and starts right up no problems. Tires are in great condition and have plenty of riding left on them. When the stator cover was replaced the oil was changed to motoul synthetic motorcycle oil. Plugs have been cleaned and airbox is regularly checked. The faring is barely scrached in two spots SEE PICS, its so minimal anyone I mention the scratches to only say "Wow I didnkt even notice" I have paited the rear wheel black to match the front rim, give the bike a cleaner look. NEVER STUTED OR HAD THE FRONT WHEEL IN THE AIR. BIKE IS IN IMMACULATE SHAP!

Had this bike sidewalk appraised for about $6400 before framesliders and rear rim paint. I am asking $5950 for the bike pretty firm.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask, just send me an email. more pics if you want them.

[email protected]

*2004 R6 - ~120hp
*11,500 miles
*Super CLEAN BIKE - dont even know its scratched (see pics)
*Adjustable suspension
*Yoshimura Exhaust
*Frame sliders / Bar ends
*Front tire-Dunlop Rear tire- Michelin Pilot Power 190/50ZR-17
*Painted Rear Rim

Can include for an extra $110, A Brand new Size M Joe Rocket Black/White Flame Mesh Jacket. (have pics just email.)

Asking $5950


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