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I lay trying to sleep. but questions about the EXUP system fill my head. Please only respond if you know actual answers, I can make up all sorts of my own crazy theories by myself...

And I know the R6 doesn't have it yet, but next year's will :) Im hoping that somebody out there with R1 knowledge can answer these questions.

1. Is it digital (several distinct positions) or is it infinitely variable?

2. (Assuming its variable) At what engine speeds does it have what percentage openings? A chart maybe to show the results? Even rough data (25% here, 50% there) would be better than nothing.

3. Is it gear/neutral dependent? ie. does it do the same thing at the same rpm regardless of gear selection or neutral?

(that would be because I might want to datalog the operation if there is a simple way, ie in neutral)

4. Is there any real scientific dyno testing which shows the power gains/losses by the EXUP system?

Ok there might be more but that is all I can think of.

Once again, I know a bit about engines and mechanicals so I don't need more theories :)

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