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Exhaust for '06 R6S?

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What would be the best exhaust for my R6S? I want it to be loud and punchy.
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I just got the Yoshi Rs-3 and it sounds bad ass..
listen man. ive seen a lot of bikes, with alot of pipes. they all pretty much sound the same to a curtain degree. everyone will arque and say there different. but for the most part, it goes:

D&D = loud
GYTR= loud

everything else = some noise, but decent sounding

you sshould pick what fits in your budget, and what you like the looks of best. i personily have an ART and i love it. but if i had a micron, or akro, im sure id love them too. if i settled with a yoshi, id tell you how great it was.

btw, any 03-05 slip will work on the 06s
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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