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error code 1

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Here is my problem, I just got my bike back from paint(04) and was putting everything back together , once I put the tank on, gas in it and tried tp start and ...NOTHING. At that time I looked at Led screen and noticed "err_1" I have no clue what this means and now O finally have a painted bike that will not run. Any help would be appreciated.
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What year?....check the How to section for how to pull the error codes from the bike and post up the result (or check the service manual to interpret the code)
bike is an o4 with only 1600 miles
manual says fault codes start at 11:umm
maybe you forgot to plug something back together.
does the fuel pump run when you turn the key on?
OK here is the How To: LINK

Now it is likely that the message you see on the display is indicating that you have one stored code on the bike. Follow the how to instructions and pull the code, if you dont have a service manual, post up the code and we will troubleshoot from there.

Good luck...
thanks I'm heading to the garage now to start will update soon
alright I went through and disconnected the 2 quick connects on the bottom of the tank(those are for the fuel pump right?) and held down select and reset for along time definitely 10+ second and nothing appears on the led. Actually nothing appears on it at all since putting it back toghether. I did notice that the nuetral light is dim...possible battery is going??
if there is nothing on the display, how did you see the initial error message? :umm

Wouldn't hurt to charge the battery at this point. I love this stuff, we'll get ya sorted dude :console
I know I probably seem dumb as hell, but I have to admit that I have had this bike since july 04 new and really haven't ridden at all, so I"m pretty much clueless as to all of this,I'm gonna run and get a charger and see what happens. The initial reading that I got was when I first put the tank on and after that the screen went blank. All I have is a very dim neutral light so I hope it's just the battery. Be back soon, thanks again.
Cool, I'll keep my eye on this thread and help ya out however I can. :thumbup
hey just wanted to say thanks again to AFC for the help. I had to pull a 24hr duty yesterday so I came home today after letting the battery charge for about 8 hours and started right up. I'm really happy to because the thing sounds awesome now as well after installing the scorpion slip on. thanks again to all.
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