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electronics messed up.

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Well i bought my bike used. He said when he dropped it he had to replace the left handgrip and wired it wrong. The horn doesn't work, when you push the turn signal to the left, the headlights blink constantly like hazards, when you push it to the right the headlights go on (and stay on hi-beam), when you push the blinker in to turn it off, the headlights go off. When you push the headlight button either way, nothing changes. I know this sounds messed up, but I haven't even taken it off and looked at it, but does this sound like an easy fix or is somethin f'd up? I plan on lookin at it tomorrow, but just thought i'd get peoples opinions.
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So he admitted that he phucked up the wiring......grab some tools and open wide.....aaaaahhhhhh

Take a pic and we'll show you how it should be. :thumbup
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