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Dyno night at bike night...another dyno run...

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There was a dyno night at the cruise in tonight. Guy has the most reputable dyno in town, and a VERY reputable dyno overall. He's the guy who is at Jennings with the portable dyno, suspension tuning, as well as engine tuning. Highly recommended by Lookwell USA and alot of other racers.

Anyhow, these numbers are a little more to my liking. It ran these numbers on the last run. He told me the smoke was from me not driving it hard enough, and there being ALOT of carbon deposits. Sure enough, after like 5 passes, the 6th and 7th passes, there was NO SMOKE. But his dyno's are pretty spot on with actual numbers, as a guy JUST got his Turbo ZX12 back ran it on the dyno and it was within .5 HP of the other dyno reading from earlier in the day...

He recommended I not use synthetic oils due to the weather here, and it running too thin in this heat.

Hmm...he made my smoke go away, and all the racers around here take his word as pretty much gospel, as he's 99% of the time spot on.

Anyhow, enough of the babble. Here's the pics:

He couldn;t get a TQ reading cause he couldn;t get to the plugs, but he estimated high 50's....

Smooch, you missed out....he gave me free runs...because I was an MV! He was wondering where you were and I told him you pussed out and he was like "oh well, he woulda got a bunch of free passes..." :laughing: After you left, the rain was gone for my run, and shortly after. Then it POURED. But at 10PM, it was a starry skies with no rain after we left Dicks.

Anyhow, my buddy with a 00 GSXR 600 with 40K miles pulled 95 HP with only a slip-on! The guy said "don't sell that bike...there are guys jetted, filtered and everything else with just getting to that level...I'll buy your bike right now if you wanna sell it..." pretty impressive.

LMK what you think.....pretty sweet....
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I wanna get mine dynoed, just curious. You can't beat free though :thumbup
Well, he made me pay the normal $30 promo price, but instead of only 3 runs, he gave me 4 MORE, and a top speed run....pretty sweet.
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