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DTS Leather sucks!

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The preface: I have an A* jacket and Frank Thomas pants. Of course, the zipper doesn't line up. Leave it to the french, they do everything backward, the zipper starts on the other side. So, I ask Cycle Gear where they send their leather stuff when it needs repair and/or stitching. They told me to take my stuff to a place here in San Diego called DTS Leather. DO NOT TAKE YOUR STUFF HERE.

I dropped my stuff off last tuesday. First, They tell me it will be ready "next wednesday", which was today. Why the frikk does it take a shop a whole god damned week to stitch a zipper into a jacket??

Second, I call them twice today, once I left a message. Well, I figure I'd go over there after work, maybe they're just busy and couldn't get to the phone. Turns out that the entire shop shut down becuz only one of the people who work there (there are a total of three that I saw) was actually there, and he had a frikkin doctor's appointment. How did they make this known to their customers? By locking the doors and putting a note up that says "sorry, dr. appt., back 5:15". I understand that things happen. I do NOT understand how it could possibly be considered good business to just shut down your shop like that and not even change your phone message saying that the store would be closed for a while. What a joke.

Third, I wait till 5:15, the guy comes back. Ok, maybe things arent so bad. WRONG!! I explain what I'm there for, he remembers me. What does he say? I swear, he says this: "gosh darnit, the guy didn't bring it, something came up and he had to take his son to.....(blah blah blah)....so that's why your stuff isn't here, it'll be here at 9am tomorrow morning". Ok, so let me get this straight...I drop my gear off for an entire frikking week to get a single zipper installed, and they still can't get it back to me in 8 god damn days...ridiculous.

Ok, I'm done ranting, I apologize. I had to get that off my chest. People of San Diego, do not waste your time with DTS Leather if you need anything leather repaired. I'm not a confrontational person, but my god, these people just make me wanna :furious
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dude, you are obviously a young man and do not have much experience with how a business works. I'm not putting you down.
things dont always go according to plan. sometimes things take a bit longer than expected. shops get busy. orders get backed up.
everyone is only human. yes doing your zipper probably takes someone a hour or 2 to do. but you are not the only customer. you might be 20th on the list.
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