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DO NOT buy these ebay flushmounts

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i forgot to check there feedback before buying. 111 negative and 144 neutral in the last 6 months.

doesn't even come close to fitting let alone looking ok. makes me wonder if they photoshopped the pic. talked to a guy on ebay about the ones he bought for his suzuki and he said the same thing and they wouldn't even reply to his emails about the problem. looks like i wasted $26.85 :furious
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Those look like the LP flushmounts that every motorcycle shop sells for $19.99!?!? :blahblahb
Looks like the seller has a 92%. He's sold 17,000+ items in the past 6 months and 255 buyers weren't happy. Not too shaby. Not sticking up for him but the numbers speak for themselves. I guess you get what you pay for.

Spin master, you have bad luck with bikes? Where do you park at?
I've bought some stuff from them on a few occasions and I've never had a problem.
Yeah, they definitely look like dealer flushies...
Karonic said:
Spin master, you have bad luck with bikes? Where do you park at?
Yeah no shiet! The first one was jacked from a strip mall it was parked at and the second one was jacked from my work.

almightyares said:
Yeah, they definitely look like dealer flushies...
LP or Cyclegear's Motoboss!! Sorry to hear that the person got jacked on a set of flushmounts when he could of gotten them cheaper locally.
All I can say is Fendereliminators.net

Great stuff. I think the kit that I got was about 70 bucks, and included the side flushies and euro signals for the headlights (a nice touch), and I think they look pretty damn good.
i ordered watsen design blue led signals last night.
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