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Dirt Bike Problems

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I have a 01 yz125 that i just did a shit load of maintainece to including disassembling the carb and cleaning it. now when i go to turn the fuel valve on, fuel leaks directly out of the overflow hose coming out of the top of the chamber. anyone know what it might be? itd be nice to have an idea of what im lookin for before i go taking that bastard apart again.
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So, it didn't do this until you did your carb work?

Sounds like the float valve ain't valving because of a piece of dirt or faulty assembly.
Maybe it's even in backwards.
Either way, take it back apart - at least the carb on a YZ-125N1 is a breeze to get at compared to some other bikes.

Got the manual that the bike came with?
the float valve was wedged into the female piece, loosened it up and the bike started right up. good call! :thumbup
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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