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So out of curiosity I went into diag mode on my bike recently (02R1)
Note: I haven't had any problems with it.

In function 61 (code history) I got these 4 codes: 11, 16, 22, 30

Code 11:
Cylinder identification
What it means: No normal signals are received from the cylinder identification sensor. This code number appears if the condition continued for 10 seconds in
which the starter motor does not run even if the starter switch has been pressed.
Failsafe: Continues to operate the engine based on the results of the cylinder identification that existed up to that point.
Unable to start
Able to run

I'm guessing this issue was resolved before I got the bike because it starts every time.

Code 16:
Throttle position sensor (open or short circuit) (stuck)
What it means: Throttle position sensor - open or short circuit detected.
Failsafe: Fixes the throttle position sensor to fully open.
Able to start
Able to run

I went into Diag 1, and the values for the TPS are correct... 16 with throttle closed, 96 with throttle fully open.
I'm gonna check it with the multi-meter anyway.

Code 22:
Intake temperature sensor
What it means: Intake temperature sensor - open or short circuit detected.
Failsafe: Fixes the intake temperature to 20 C.
Able to start
Able to run

I checked in Diag mode 5 and the sensor seems to be measuring temperatures correctly.

Code 30:
Lean angle cut-off switch (latch up detected) (open or short circuit)
What it means: Lean angle cut-off switch-open or short circuit detected. Basically, the bike overturned/fell.
Failsafe: Turns OFF the fuel injection system relay of the fuel system.
Unable to start
Unable to run

Went into Diag mode 8 and the lean angle cut-off switch values are fine.

In function 62 I got the number 4, pertaining to the 4 codes above.
I erased the codes and turned Diag mode off.

Turned the bike on, let it run for a while.

I got no codes now.

Function 61 = 00
Function 62 = 0

Does that mean that I shouldn't have problems anymore? Is the bike fine?
It's been running good for a while now.
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