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I guess you can't reply to threads in the PC maps forum...

Long time R6 rider and Messagenet lurker.

I saw the post about the Jeffo maps but didn't see any reviews on this site. It interested me as I've been wanting a custom dyno map for a few years now, but there were no local shops in my area unless I drove 1h+ to get it done.

I am a skeptical by nature and didn't believe that someone can properly tune a bike over the phone, so I did some searching and 95% or the reviews on other forums (mostly Kawi forums) praised this guy.

I decided that hey, it's $50 for a custom map as opposed to a $200+ dyno tune map. I also got the warm and fuzzy that this guy was for real and not a scammer.

Well, I put in my order in the afternoon and got a call from Jeff in the same evening, but missed his call. Called him back the next morning and reviewed my bike's info, and I asked my questions about his map programming & my concerns with running a map with dangerously lean mapping. Within 15 min., he had emailed me my map. He then chatted with me about bikes and other things for another 45min. Very personable guy.

Later in the day I set up my accelerator pump, map and throttle position sensor with his easy to follow instructions.

Bike is '03 R6 with Hindle high-mount slip-on. Stock air filter. 15/48 gearing. Using PCIII-usb. I was running the Hindle map from the PC website. Bike ran well, idle was fine, pulled decent from 9,000 - 13,000 rpm. Riding gear always stunk of exhaust fumes (rich mapping?).

First impressions of his map were that throttle response improved. 1/2 throttle pulled harder than before. A little better low-end and mid-range pull at 1/2 and full throttle positions. It freakin pulled noticeably harder from 9,000 rpm right to red-line. The power never tapered off. When riding before, I knew it was time to change gears when the bike started to fade at around 13,000 rpm.... well, the bike just kept pulling and was still pulling right up to the rev limiter. It was $50 very well spent. Wish I knew about this guy earlier. It feels like a new bike and pulls harder absolutely. He will work through any glitches or issues until you are satisfied. I have no issues. My gear also didn't have the stinky exhaust fumes anymore!

I'm still unclear how he figured this programming out, but it worked for my application.


Jeff is not an internet age type fellow. He is old-school. He prefers not to communicate and correspond through email. He prefers to communicate verbally, which I appreciate. It would have taken much time and many emails for him to get the same info that just a quick 15min conversation yielded. It's nice to have that type of contact when purchasing a custom product. If you are serious about trying him out, pick up the phone and call him. Don't expect to get anywhere near the same type of customer service via emails.

The site isn't anything spectacular but had the main info there. It's www.faic.cc

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