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Craziest Thing You Ever Ran Over?

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What's the craziest thing you ever ran over?

After a day in the backroad twisties that spanned three counties,
I was headed back home to show off the new flushies and fender eliminator
to the local Yami shop. Cruising on a main county road following a truck that
was running at a good pace, about 70ish. Then I see it, the truck straddles
over it and I get a good view of it. I decide not to try any evasive moves at
that speed and run right over it. A catfish about three feet long was right in the
middle of the lane! Needless to say, I had fish guts all down the right lower
and both wheels :( Annie May got a nice wash and wax when we got home.

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probably a stick in the road. i have been pretty lucky.
I had a **** run into the fork on my old bike while I was running around 45 or so...had shit around 1/3 of the front wheel, down the lower fairing, and all over my boot. I'm not sure what that bastard ate, but, damn, did it stink.
I hit an armadillo with my girlfriend on the back. Scared the shit out of me, but all it did was crunch. Hardly even a bump. I had to pull over 'cause I was laughing so hard at my girlfriend's scream. I know it's mean, and she was pissed, but I couldn't help it.
not me but......

my MSF instructor said that he went up and over a GSXR at the track... this was part of the discussion about going over the 2x4's
a used tampon (it was bloody)
oh god scoob thats nasty
southernbelle said:
oh god scoob thats nasty
whats worse is that is was in the road, how did it get there? did someone change in the car or on the side of the road? it was fresh:(
how do you know it was fresh? oh never mind I DONT wanna know
I nailed an already killed coyote when taking the canyon route home from work one night. I was passing a mini van on a long straight away, so I was nailin the throttle pretty good, and didn't even have time to react when I saw it. So here I am at night on the wrong side of the road, right next to a minivan, and out of nowhere, wham, nailed it. I think it both my wheels off the ground. I stayed up luckily and rode out of it, but I had to go back and look at what it was. Yup it was a coyote, complete with Pilot Power stamped fur. That was nuts.
I ran over the local college's mascot's head... well ran over / threw. lol I don't know how it got on I-66 in FFX but it did. And it hurt. :lol
someone's foot. oops.
today my buddy killed a bird.............. cuz for me, nothing really, just had a bee smoked me with my visor up..... it really hurt.
hmmm, i've been fortunate. nothing live has been squished by me. i had a squirrel run b/w my tires while i was going about 15 miles an hour. i almost wrecked trying to figure out what the hell happened.
In my 4Runner, I ran over my friend's legs.........in front of 3 cops.........after leaving the bar. Didn't break anything, and didn't get DUI.

On the bike, Groundhog going about 60mph (me, not the groundhog). He was about as big as Punxsutawney Phil. They are tough little rodents. Both my wheels came off the ground and he ran away after I hit him.
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I was driving 60-ish down the highway in rush hour, following one of those big boxy vans when all of a sudden the van kind of jumped up in the air and back down. 1 seconds later I realize that there is a full-size shiny red metal car hood in the middle of the lane. Luckily, I swerved and missed it. So I didn't actually run over it... but it was the weirdest thing I've seen in the road. The whole time I was behind the van I was thinking, you know, I never get this close to cars this big 'cause I won't have enough reaction time to get out of the way in case something is in the road.... hmmmm.
Okay I didn't run over this one either, but I almost scored. I was coming home from work on the local busy highway doing 80ish. I put my blinker on, do a head check, change lanes to get on my exit...look back ahead and there is a friggin soccer goal right in the middle of where I was going. Would have made for some good headlines in the paper if I had hit it.
a squirrel while doin a wheelie....i promptly went home and changed my underoo's
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