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Crashed my Raven friday afternoon ....

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Riding home from work... Got stuck in a little traffic and decided to take a detour down a less familiar road ~ on my bike at least. Ended up going across an intersection that has a pretty big rise then a slight turn to the left. Needless to say, after that rise, I couldn't get the bike to lean over quick enough and ended up bouncing off the curb.

Damages to the bike were all the left side fairings were cracked / dragged across the asphalt. Busted gear selector footpeg. Tail section, rear seat cowl trashed. Left side of headlights and headlamp fairing scratched. And Ilso busted the metal peice that holds the headlight assy/front fairing to the front forks. <- don't know what that is called.

Damages to me upon getting home were a busted lip (missing tooth) and big ol' welt on my leg. Took a shower and found a scratch on my arm, some minor rash on my stomach, and I busted two teeth to the roots. Also my bloody lip was a deep laceration that ended up taking a few stitches to close up. As far as the welt on my leg.. Had that xrayed and I got something fractured. Oops.. So that's all wrapped up and I'm gonna see an orthopaedic doctor in the morning. After going to the dentist..

FWIW, I was wearing full gear - and my helmet didn't have a scratch. The inside of it had some blood from my mouth along w/ bits of my tooth/teeth though... Strange how my mouth took the brunt of the damage. Temporary lockjaw I guess?

Anyways.. If anyone knows of any leftside body parts for an '05 Raven for sale... send 'em my way :) .

Gonna be selling this thing once I piece it back together to help w/ hospital bills. :thumbup Plus I bought a new jetski so sell $$ = mod money for that. Water is a little more forgiving than concrete .
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Sorry to hear that. How did you bang your mout up with a helmet on? Kinda scares me.
thats why you see a lot of racers wearing mouth pieces.
one time I got knocked out and my helmet had only one little scratch accross the mouth area.
humm.. that makes some sense. Too bad I didn't have one. lol ;)
Damn man I put my raven down yesterday as well. You can read my post/pics in the crashing forum here. But i lowsided at an estimated 50-70mph after front tire kicking out from a rock and slid 10-15ft. But I came out with only minor road rash (helmet, leather jacket, leather/cf knuckled gloves,and steel toe boots), very glad to be alive :)
Glad you came out okay, that is odd about your mouth. I was wondering if you had your helmet on until the end. Good luck fixing er' up. When you say water is a little more forgiving, it is only a little more forgiving. When youre going 50 mph the surface of the water is pretty damn hard.
here's a personal portrait. I'm ded sexay. lol.

went to the dentist yesterday and had an emergency root canal. Had the nerve endings exposed on my missing tooth, so there was no saving it. Guess that's why it hurt a little bit.


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just fyi.... you're helmet was probably to big.. a friend of mine crashed my bike and his helmet was a bit to large and same thing happened to him
Sorry to hear about the crash. I busted my two front teeth off a few years ago and it was no fun. Root canals suck hard. :(

From your sig, it looks like your bike is lowered front and rear. Do you think you would you have been able to make the turn if your bike had better geometry?
There's no telling.. I've been riding it lowered since I bought it. I was blessed w/ short short short legs. I do fit much better on a gixxer though. heh..
my helmet is on the smaller side, and if i push hard on the front, i can totally see it busting some teeth...
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