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Converting an 02....

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Has anyone tried converting just the fairings from an '03 R6 on to a '02 R6?
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dunno why you would want to do that, most people believe, myself included - the '03+ look nicer.

But I don't think it would be a direct fit.
I love the look of the 99-02 so I dont know why you would ever go to an 03. The 02 basically encompasses the carburated engine and the sort of classic beginning of the r6. That is like saying you want to put a new corvette body on an old corvette or same with a mustang. It just doesnt make sense, the newer 03 model has a look that says, Im newer and FI and I am a racey bike run by a computer. I dunno, maybe its just me gettin wierd hippy vibes from the bikes but if I knew the 03 was carburated I would think it just looked silly.
I totally understand because i despretly like the old style. But i'm getting a killer deal on a full set of street plastics and was wondering if they could fit. No big deal, But trust me, i've been thinking the exact same way your thinking. Just wondered if it might work. All i want to do is get back out there and ride.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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