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Well, I finally bought an R6. I have loved the looks of these things for years, but just couldn't justify buying another bike (my wife and I already have 3 others). Well last year, I ended up wrecking my '01 Ducati 996. A freaking soccer mom on a cell phone in a Yukon ran a red light and I caught her driverside rear door. Since the bike was already paid for, I went on a search for an R6 and found one hell of a deal at the beginning of this year. There was a private owner just down the street from me that had a nearly new '05 R6 and ran into some financial troubles (read "back child support") and couldn't afford the bike or insurance any more. He had already installed these ugly-ass ebay flushmounts, but I couldn't get rid of them because he had drilled the fairings to put them on. It only had 1100 miles on the clock and was very well taken care of.

I got my hands on it and loved the bike, but something was lacking. I was used to the torque of a literbike coming from the 996, so I resprocketed it. She now runs a 15/50 with a 520 chain. I also removed all of the stock decals except for the yamaha on the belly pan and the tail fairing. I personally think it looks much cleaner this way. I'm not a big fan of the white and silver stripes. Last, but not least, I installed a set of motovation no-cut frame sliders to make sure it stays pretty if it tips over or in the event of a lowspeed crash.

I've got plenty more planned for the R6, I just ran out of money at the moment. :) A little more about me, my name is Jason. I live in Wisconsin, and I'm married to another sportbike/car enthusiast. She actually rides an '06 Ninja 250 that she traded my first bike, a 94 Ninja 250, in for. I still own the Ducati, in pieces under a tarp in my shed, with the hopes of one day fixing it up again. I also ride a '99 Suzuki GSX-R600 to work (45 min. one way) She has 25k hard ridden miles and still runs strong. As for past bikes, I've had an '01 Honda CBR 1000 (wasn't impressed with the power or handling) and a 99 Harley 883 Sportster (yes, I know. Thats why its gone)

So far, the R6 is my favorite bike looks-wise and with a little work, will beat the crap out of my old Ducati performance wise.

I did post some pics of my R6 in the pictures section. Let me know what you guys think. click me for pics

-Jason :D
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Welcome to the MN Jason....I'm sure you have already discovered that this place has you covered for all your R6 needs. Congrats on the new ride :thumbup
bike looks good man. good backstory, welcome to the insanity!
Welcome to the board, Jason.
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