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Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Base Layer by MOTO-D

stop riding NAKED!

For cold weather riding, blocks wind, and shields from rain I highly recommend you check out our motorcycle underwear suit. It has a very soft raised neck collar which does a great job of allowing the neck to move freely yet protect it from cold winds and the elements of the road.

* 1-piece easy-fit compression motorcycle undersuit base layer

* For all body types, wicks moisture and perspiration away from the skin helping regulate body temperature while blocking wind and rain keeping you WARM

* Light weight polyolefin is "fleece" like supple and warm without excess bulk

* Great for Multisport use including Skiing, Running, Snowmobile, Watersports, and Outdoor Work; no chaffing!

* 4 Sizes Available, color Black:

If you thinking about buying an under suit, you can buy the others and spend more OR you can go with the MOTO-D undersuit and SAVE money for more trackdays and riding.


Easy shipping to USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Worldwide.​



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