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Clutchin question

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so i'm ok with just bouncin 2nd gear wheelies, ok. but i'm tired of being inconsistent. I was wondering what RPM do you guys clutch up each gear. i'm on an 04 so i don't think i have to worry about givin it some help with a little bounce. any help would be great. thanks fellas.
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i dont know the rpm , never looked 2nd gear around 45mph, but i was 15/50 sprocket so my rpm had to be up there.
15/50 from 4k rpm to 10k rpm in 2nd. I usually try to do it from lower rpm to bring it up quicker and have more room to play with. Be careful of when the power band kicks in around 7 or 8k
i don't look at my tach...
My '03 has stock gearing. For sit-downs i'll pop it up in 2nd around 4-8k. I usually watch my speed, not the tach. I just wait until I hit at least 35 mph then dip the clutch in, 1/3 twist on the throttle, clutch out, then check out the stars for a while. I just picked the bike up about a week ago so I'm no pro, but it's a ton easier to wheelie than the YZF600R I just got rid of. R6's seem to wheelie on command I love it- the front end is soooo light! Once I get used to sitdowns on this bike, I'll switch back to figuring out staggered stand ups, I think they're more controllable.
more info becareful the clucth brings it up very fast - alot faster than bouncing.
Im also learning how to clutch up wheelies and i found if you are going about 35-40 in second then slip it, it will come up pretty good. If you are still 16-48 set up right now i suggest that you practice in 1st. THey come up much easier!!!! in parking lots i start at 10-15 mph then slip it. BE VERY CAREFUL. in first it will come to BP alot easier. good luck!
 i suggest that you practice in 1st
im going to have to diagree with that . dont clutch anything in first.
yeah +1 on that. 1st gear is bad news unless you have an old heavy monster like a YZF600R or something that won't come up in 2nd. 2nd comes up like butter on these bikes, 3rd is a little trickier, but still easily doable.
When you guys talk about pulling the clutch in to wheelie, how fast are you letting it back out? Any slip or just letting it go?
letting it go
Im no expert and dont claim to be. I think it is better to learn in 1st because of how easily it does come up. You are able to practice in a parking lot and do them over and over again. 2nd gear you need to be carrying some speed. I do agree that you need to make sure you are keeping that right foot over the rear brake if you try 1st. They will be very fast coming up. Also start small. Start by reving the bike little by little and work up to the full wheelie. You might even try to use the rear brake while trying the small ones to get use to using the rear brake. GOOD LUCK!
usually i use 1 finger on the clutch and it kinda lets itself out, kinda hard to explain. but to clutch in 2nd, just practice practice practice, try different things. when i started learning 2nd gear clutchs, i couldnt bring up the front to save my life, now its effortless after practicing so much.
Learn to cover the break once you start getting into 2nd and 3rd. Itll save your little arssssseee. :)
i clutch up 1st gear, and it seems fine doesnt come up to fast, but im also at stock 06 gearing. i just started to try wheelies, and 2nd gear is pretty hard to bring the front end up, but i just need more practice i believe
Theres no need to clutch 1st when u can just crack the throttle to bring the front end up. :/
Yea, but clutching it allows you to bring it up going slower and bring it up faster, more predicatble.

Plus power wheelies are noob.
I wish i could wheeliehttp://www.r6messagenet.com/forums/images/smilies/R6MNpics/ghett.jpg
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