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Clutch Cover

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anybody has any idea the proper way to reinstall the clutch cover on a 01? i can't seem to match the pull rod with the pull lever. and what's up with those spring screws? 2 of them snapped on me... :(
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If you're talking about those springs held down by those bolts arranged in a circle, don't even bother going any further until you fix that.
Those springs are what most guys will call clutch springs, and as far as your clutch is concerned, they're kind of important.
oh, i got thru that part already. new clutch is on along with the spring and screws. on the clutch boss. my problem is the clutch cover, and alignment with the pull rod (the rod that sticks on in the middle of the clutch) and the pull lever (on the clutch cover)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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