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cleaning out garage

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01-02 wire harness $40 obo
99-00 battery tray $10 plus shipping
kickstand $25 shipped obo

i also have a few honda parts also
make offer for the following and please include your zip code so i can get a shipping quote.
f4i radiator and fan
f3 left mid fairing

01+ f4i wire harness
03-04 600rr wire harness
03-04 600rr ecu
03+ 600rr sprockets (front and rear) and chain
f4 stock exhaust

thanks all i can of right now but will update when i actually start cleaing the garage.
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does the woring harnes have the rectifier plug, and are any of the wires burn't or damaged?

If you can get me pics I will take it
Il take the battery tray if it fits an 02. It is the complete under the seat stock plastic tray right? Are all tabs in tact.
interested in kickstand, still available?
still have the 03-04 600rr ecu ? my zip is 07410 please let me know how much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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