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chirping noise often, chain/clutch?

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I was curious as to if any of you have heard of this problem I am having:

My bike has roughly 20k miles; when im driving down the road, mainly in 1st and 2nd gear the bike chirps every so often. It seems to happen the most when Im first taking her out for the day but does happen throught the day. Sometimes I get a "clapping" sort of noise aswell. That noise almost sounds like part of the fairing is crunching with some other peice but Ive triple checked and its not.
When the engine is at idle I do not get any of these noises at all.
I cannot feel any jerking or anything odd, nor can I pinpoint where exacly its comming from or what is causing it. Its just mainly when im cruizing at a steady speed, 5,10,15,45mph it doesnt matter.
The clutch seems to grab pretty good, the brakes work fine, Im clueless and appreciate your feedback if any.
If any of you have any thoughts on how I might be able to narrow this problem down further to find out exacly where it is coming from, I welcome those ideas aswell.
Thank you for reading
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Have you waxed your chain recently?
This bike is only about 3 weeks new to me.
I have put on about 800 miles and no I have not put any type of lubrication on the chain as of yet. Any recomendations?

Thank you for the response.
I put a little wd-40 on the chain and let it sit for a little bit then took her for a 20 mile or so spin. She did her noises a bit in the neighboor hood when I was first leaving and then I havent heard a noise yet. Im going to take her for a spin in a little bit but that might have been it, thank you for the advice and I will go out and get some chain wax soon enough.

My second thought is one of the front brakes, that might be part of the problem. Ever notice your front brake lever loose some pressure? I just noticed that on my last cruize and I am going to take care of it asap, just not sure what might be causing the lose of pressure on the front brake lever. Any ideas? My guess is that the previous owner didnt bleed the brakes properly. Sometimes there stiff and sometimes there not. The brakes are set on the #2 on the circle dial just up on the lever.
dont use wd40 as a chain lube, its horrible for that.

Just go buy a can of chain wax, clean the chain with kerosene using a rag first.

For your brakes it sounds like brake fade, you probably need to change the fluid.
The chain feels like it has enough play in it, about an inch n' a half. But I will tell you that I am no expert, the last bike I owned was roughly 8 years ago.
I just took it out for a 20 or so mile spin and I didnt hear the noise again, so that must have been it. I did try to stop by the bike shop to buy some real chain lube although being a holiday, they were closed.

I am going to address this front brake issue asap. I have to pump the front brake half the time to build up pressure in it. Not safe, obviously.

Thank you again for the tips guys.
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