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check this out

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so i'm hearing noises in first in 2nd gear and i have no idea what it is...sounded like a tranny noise. well when i first bought the bike it had a rear sprocket and i didn't know until i took the front cover off yesterday that i was -1 in the front. so as i'm counting teeth...this is what i noticed...

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Holy shit :)lol), you might want to get that taken care of.
i had that happen to a rear sprocket once , never a front though. whats the brand ?
thats pretty fucked up, i wonder how long you have been ridding like that?? and if has damaged the chain at all? becareful buddy...
i'm changing it today...and new chain soon
Thats messed up
Didn't you know? That's the new light-weight sprocket design, it's got fewer teeth so it's more aerodynamic and weighs less :thumbup
Actually I think you went down 2 teeth buddy! :thumbup Either that or you got your teeth knocked out :hyper :2cents
Damn and it looks like a steel sprocket too.
lol...it fucked up the chain too...mine chain has one spot where its really tight so i'm puttin a new chain on it wed.
omg lol...

well now i have yet another reason to ride with the front sprocket cover off.
aar0ncee said:
omg lol...

well now i have yet another reason to ride with the front sprocket cover off.

lol i thought about doin that
That sprocket looks like it has 22,000 miles on it. I'm not suprised teeth started breaking off.
chain is nice and new now :)
I had a 99 r6 with 34000 on it when I sold it in 2003..........Hell the first year it was at 16000 I thank I changed the chain and sprockets like 3 times
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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