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So I dumped my bike like 2-3 weeks ago going like 15-20 mph. I picked her up got her unflooded and started her up. Then the battery kept going dead on me. So I charged it a few times for troubleshooting and whatnot. One night on my way home from my friends house the display went blank and it started backfiring. I walked it home, frustrated as hell. Since then I've replaced the stator, r/r, and did the wonderful r/r wiring mod.

So now, when the bike is running at 5-6k I'm getting like 13.2V across the battery terminals. Same as it did when I had the old stuff on there, $240 ago. I'm at a loss, there seems to be no short and the battery is holding it's charge as far as I can tell from the charger.

I've searched the forums for everything I possibly could and found no definitive answer.

Got any suggestions?

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