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I've been working with mods to get a list of priority issues together. Here is what has and will be changing to address your comments and suggestions:

1- The old blue plasma skin is now back and available to you to choose. You can set it in your user CP --> Options --> Bottom of page. Or you can use the drop down list in the lower left corner of pages. However, the userCP is the better way since that skin will stay as your default as long as you are logged in. If you log out it will change back to the new skin, but as soon as you log in the old one will be there.

2 - Premium Membership - Until February 15th all current members can purchase a lifetime premium membership for half price - that's $20 dollars!

3 - Air Fence Fund - As soon as BD works out the logistics with me the fund will be back and donations will be back online. Please be patient as we work out the details. BD will be taking responsibility for administration of the fund.

Note: if you already signed up for a lifetime premium account then please PM me.

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