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2006 Track Event and School Schedule

3/28 (Tue) - Thunderhill Park
4/29 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
4/30 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
5/13 (Sat) - Buttonwillow Raceway Park
5/14 (Sun) - Buttonwillow Raceway Park
5/23 (Tue) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
6/20 (Tue) - Thunderhill Park
6/24 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
6/25 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
7/3 (Holiday Mon) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
8/13 (Sun) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
9/4 (Labor Day Mon) - Willow Springs (Road Course)
9/25 (Mon) - Thunderhill Park
10/16 (Mon) - Thunderhill Park
10/21 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
10/22 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
11/4 (Sat) - Reno-Fernley Full Course
11/5 (Sun) - Reno-Fernley Technical Course
11/25 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)
11/26 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump)

All Events are a 2-group school/open riding format (see website for details)
offering more track time and restricted group sizes for maximum value.

Amenities for 2006 include a full catered buffet breakfast with Starbucks®
coffee, catered buffet lunch, complimentary beverage service, complimentary
chair massage therapy, suspension tuning and setup services, videography,
tire service, and photography (see event listings for details on specific
amenities at select venues). All schooling and coaching are included in the
ticket price.

2006 will also see the launch of the Tracstar� Challenge Program. Details
will be released shortly on this new skills-based proprietary certification

Cal-Sportbike Track Days is owned by Tom Davlantis, Craig Grantham, Jim
Hoskins, and Todd Robinson. They have been organizing successful track days
since 2001 and have produced a very refined rider education program that has
been well-received by the public. The company is based in Wrightwood,
California, and is sponsored by Galfer Brakes, Sidi Boots, Spidi Leathers,
Vortex Racing, and The Advocates Law firm.

More information is available at http://www.calsportbike.com/trackdays or by
calling (800) 930-8520 extension 81. Media inquiries may be directed to Todd
Robinson at [email protected]

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it's probably already booked solid by the other track org's :shrug


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Paul E said:
from what ive heard, they raised their rates and to rent the track is a lot more expensive than it was before.
i wouldn't doubt that. the track is ok but not worth the prices they're charging. last year it was $150/day this year $195, next year will be even more probably :thumbdown

i'm glad i'm moving back to CA.

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