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Rules For Posting
1. Post in the appropriate forum.
We have lots of forums here, I'm sure you can find the right one for whatever you'd like to post.

2. Be descriptive with subjects of posts. It's easier for everyone if you make the subjects of your posts as descriptive as possible. A subject heading of "HELP!!!" or "what do you guys..." or "Problem, need help" are not descriptive at all. Something along the lines of "Electrical problem" or "what's wrong with my brakes" is much more useful. Also, profanity in thread titles is prohibited.

3. Users are not allowed to create multiple accounts. There's really no reason for anyone having more than one account. If we find a user with multiple accounts, the extra accounts will be deleted unless special arrangements are made.

4. NO SPAM!!! This is pretty self-explainatory. If we find SPAM on the R6MessageNet, the thread will be deleted (or altered as we see fit).

5. Pr0n and other questionable material is restricted. We like pr0n as much as the next guy, but here, if you post it, there are some guidelines. All pr0n should be LINKED. Please no graphic pictures. Also, if a link is questionable, a NSFW (not safe for work) tag is REQUIRED in the subject of the post. By the way, this isn't restricted to pr0n. This also goes for gory pictures or anything else you'd get in trouble for looking at while at work. Finally, the subject of the post can NOT contain profanity. Do not use words that are commonly consider offensive.

6. Abuse of members will NOT be tolerated!!! This is an internet community and therefore, we expect some abuse to happen. However, if it does happen, we will take action (see below). We realize that not everyone will get along with everyone else, and most folks don't have the same views. However, be adults about disagreements and don't start a flame-war. Abuse is determined at the descretion of the Admins and Mods. If we think someone is being abusive (attacks, insults, defamation of character, slander, etc etc etc) we will be forced to take action. We can't catch everything, so if you think abuse is occuring and we haven't addressed it, feel free to use the "report post" button in the lower-left corner of the post. Incidentally, "flaming" and "debating" are two totally different things. Debates are perfectly acceptable and encouraged!

Consequences of Breaking the Rules
If you break the rules above, there will, of course, be consequences.

If rules 1 or 2 are broken, the post will be moved and/or edited appropriately. If we move a post, we'll try to leave a link in the forum where it was originally posted.

If rule 3 is broken, we'll delete the extra accounts.

If rule 4 is broken, we'll delete or edit the post and probably ban that user outright.

If rules 5 or 6 are broken, the procedure is a bit more complicated. Here's what will happen.
1. The offending party will be contacted privately via PM or IM. (NOTE: This communication may be copied into the Admin and Mod forum so we're all on the same page in dealing with issues.) This communication will basically bring the offence to their attention and give them a warning.

2. If the behavior continues OR if the offending party harrasses the Admins and Mods, OR if they decide to make the problem public, the offending party will be banned for a period of 1 week (the ban will be automatically lifted at that time). Also, a mod will post in the offending thread that the user has been temporarily banned so everyone has a head's up as to what's going on.

2a. While you're banned, if you make an alternative login, that login will be banned also, and the ban on your original login will be extended by 1 week. If you do this 2 times, you will be banned permanently.

3. After the ban is lifted, if the behavior continues (yes, even after a week in the penalty box) the user will be banned indefinitely, perhaps permanently.

We in no way want to scare anyone or keep folks from posting what they want to post, but we DO want to be sure that we have rules and that the rules are followed. We want this internet community to feel like a family where people are happy to log on and interact. Basically we want folks to enjoy themselves while they're logged into the R6MessageNet. If you're curious as to who WE are, take a look for yourselves.

The R6 Messagenet Team
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