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Black Motorola SLVR v7 w/512 media card

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Hey everyone,

I just bought a new Razr (will be here on monday) So I am selling my black SLVR phone. Great condition, nothing wrong with it at all, I just prefer flip phones i found.

But the phone comes with the house charger, USB cable, 512meg media card in it (for all those itunes you will be downloading) and of course the phone itself.

I have attached some pics for you. Looking to get 200$ + shipping (probably 5-10 insured ups anywhere)

*Edit: It is cingular, and not unlocked.

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my appologies, it is cingular.
What does this locked, unlocked shit mean?
locked means it can only be used on Cingulars network, Unlocked means it can be used on any network (that uses the same technology)
But, you should be able to call cingular and get a code to unlock the phone

however, don't quote me on that
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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