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Black 2005 R6 Stolen! Socal Area, buyers beware

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My second R6 just got stolen in the Westwood/UCLA area. Tracks on the floor suggest it was dragged out and thrown onto a truck.

Here is the info in case anyone who is in the market happens to see it, although most likely it is being parted out.

License plate 17R7645
VIN JYARJ06Y95A005163

Distinguishing marks:

Headlights modified by Highbimmin, dual 6000k HIDs on the outside with projectors, and regular high beams in the middle.

Cracked/broken double bubble tinted windscreen (I found part of the windscreen at the scene of the crime)

Minor vertical scrapes on the lower left fairing.

Scorpio alarm, fender eliminator, and black frame sliders installed.

Police has been notified, but if you have any info on this please email me at [email protected]
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i've been lookin for an 05 raven r6 for a few weeks now, and im constantly keeping an eye out

ill let you know if i see anything

hopefully the perpatrator (SP?) will have what is comin to him
My '05 Raven was stolen a week and a half ago here in Charleston, SC..........I feel your pain bro:(
I feel your pain! My 05 ZX6RR was stolen in Feb 06 and then my 06 R6 was stolen less than 2 months after that in April 06 down here in San Diego.

I'll keep look out since I've been visiting Craigslist and Ebay for any blue 06 stuff going up for sale.
damn spin master....someone must really hate you over there in SD? HAte hearing stuff like this. Good luck guys.
tracker said:
With a scorpio alarm too? ewww.....
Yeah thats the best part of this story... gatta love alarms...
Doesnt scorp have a guartenee that if something is stolen with their alarm on it they will refund you bluebook value?
im curious, why do thieves steal our bikes? they can't get it re-registered or anything, so it would be pretty dumb to steal them to ride right? do they sell it for parts or something?
ive talked to a few cops that ride and they say alot of the times that dishonest stunters (no disrespect to stunters nor am i trying to label anyone, this is just what i was told) steal bikes and use the parts off of them to fix their own bikes that they break, then sell ofF anything else.
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