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Bike prices??

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I've never owned a "rocket", I've always been a cruiser guy but I've decided to make the switch. My question is why are almost all used sport bikes marked aleast a thousand dollars over their blue book value? Is Kelly Blue Book way off as far as fair market value, or is everyone just jacking up prices on everyone else so we accept it? Any input is appreciated.
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Depends on the market also those are asking prices. That doesn't necessarily mean your getting that price. If you shop around there some good deals to be had. The Harley guys have been asking too much for years?:)
A lot of the times, if a guy wants $6,000 for his bike, he expects to get haggled down a bit, so he'll advertise it for $7,000, instead.

Basically asking for more than you'll be satisfied with.
Nothing new.
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