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bigger sprocket, no wheelies

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:weeping My boyfriend just put a one down two up on my 03 r-6. I am trying my damdest, can't seem to find my balls anywhere. it is lowered, but my buddy managed to pick it up no prob. he says the best way to start is not to use the clutch, any suggestions??? keep in mind i am 5'5 107. i know that really had nada to do with it, but maybe some suggestions would help!!!
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lol come up here...i'll help you out...oh wait nvmd you have a b/f...lol jk jk

take it slow...don't get too impatient or you'll wreck tryin too hard. i learned bouncing first cause i found it much easier...and with that sprocket setup it should be hella easy to bounce in 2nd. learn to get the wheel off the ground in 1st by just gassing it to get used to it coming up. bouncing in 2nd is all about throttle timing with the bounce. i'm tryin to teach my roomate and he is slowly makin progress with it. its not something that happens over night. give it time and it will happen. hey i'm only 5'6" and like 135 and its easy. how much is the bike lowered? did u do it cause your size?
yea, i can reach at stock, but just cause i am flat footed now, i lowered it one inch i beelive so not much. like i said my buddy bounced it several times. i am just getting annoyed that my bf is doing it and im not, i have been riding for 5 yrs so there is no excuse expect i am a p*ssy. heheh he has only been riding for a yr and a half. i am bringing the bike up to stock height again....
try doing it on first gear... just chop it and up you go....
since your just learning, its probably better to get comportable getting the wheel up at first bofore you start doing 2nd gears.

if you already done first gear... just take 2nd @40 and 1 finger the clutch... or 2 fingers... reason i mention 1 finger is because, sometimes you dont realize that with 2 fingers still on the clutch, your still holding the clutch down, enough to engage the clutch when trying to get the wheel up... which brings you to a failed attemp to wheelie... < yeah, that would be me....
oh i see u live in orlando huh?
lol yeah...thats why i said come here...i don't like it here...no where to ride anymore...
trutru that sounds like good advice, im gonna try that, i will let u know how it goes, heheh thanks
check ur pm's
learn clutch first.
orlando does blow for riding now
bigger sprocket + no wheelies = four words that should never be in the same sentence.
man all u live in orlando, where do u ride that is not crazy busy...
r6dusty said:
bigger sprocket + no wheelies = four words that should never be in the same sentence.

there is lots of places here to go and do wheelies....ya'llz make a trip
r6dusty said:
bigger sprocket + no wheelies = four words that should never be in the same sentence.
or 14 words in the same equation :handclap :bowdown
what the hell r u talking about
lol he meant that those words should never be put together in the same sentence lol
no, he ment using equation donotions in a sentence, isnt corect.

1 + 2 = 3


you AND me ARE cool


you + me = cool


1 AND 2 ARE 3
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hey girl this is what your ass needs to do lower the rear ps. its prolly around 35 right now lower it to about 20 to start off with, this will give your rear better traction while doing wheelies as well as control. number two. learn in first lol i did not and i can ride out 2nd till the cows come home. 1st is to powerfull with a beginner. use 2nd practice clutching it at 6,000 rpms. redline line the throttle at the same time dump the clutch your needle should only only hit redline and jump back down in the same moment. this should send your nice little a frame 105 lbs body skyward. dont be afraid at first if you go to high to fast let off the clutch just practice real slow. first hit the clutch for the front end to pop up then till it gets higher, p.s if your b.f doesnt know how to do it, i would be more than happy to teach you...... email or what ever let me know, justinlax32 on aim....... for questions.. so your running a sprocket size 50 rear???????
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