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Beat up exhaust for a 2000 R6

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I have a modified stock exhaust now that I love, but it is so loose that it is scary. It must have cracked at the inlet to the muffler. Some how it still passed tech last weekend, but I probably wont get that lucky again. I needed to get rid of that giant stock can anyway. So if anyone has a beat up slip on, full system, or parts of a system for a 2000 R6 they are looking to get rid of let me know. It’s mainly a track bike so as long as it is functional the looks don’t matter.
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i have a stock one for sale, its for an 02 but im sure it'll work all the same. cheeeap
I've got a stock 00 R6 one if you want it. I cut off 4 inches for stunting. Pipe sounds nice. Not real loud. $25 shipped. PM me if you want it.
I have a stock header with a pretty beat yoshi can. If interested I'll get pics.

the can passed track day tech inspection, and the header is in great shape.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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