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back on track

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After my off at snetterton i decided that the best thing to do was get back out there.

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Nice photo mate.

is that the 6R that was in lots of bits???

Just been showing BarnsleyNinja from the green forum the photo too.

Smart mate..keep it up.

LOL no, its Chris Walker at this weekends WSB at Silverstone

2006 10R
Nice pic,showed wor lass and she said why has he got streamers coming off the back of his bike??
He did pretty well I hear, Its on tomorrow night on 4 so I'll watch it then.

Saw a bit on the big screen at the pub on sunday and his bike was flaming like a biatch.

I like Chris, wish he won the BSB, I think he's much better than Hodgeson!!
:thumbup I have always liked ChrisW, missed him down south here a few weeks back but know he lives in the Notts area so maybe cath up with him when I travel the country :thumbup My first crash hat from alfs was a walker rep just like that, never shye'd away from arai since
Lets hope he can get a little more power from the kwak!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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