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awesome new mod, very complex

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oh yeah. i had an epiphany today. i didnt like how high the brake fluid resevoir stuck up on my 2006 r6. so i just unbolted it, removed the aluminum spacer and put the plastic mount underneath the metal nub instead of on top of it. then i stuck a washer on the bolt and threaded it up through the bottom. it lowers it just enough so it clears everything and dosent rub, and also makes it look a little less goofy. i dont have any pics because of the rain right now. but il put some up when i get it.
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you know the line in the bottom of the resevoir HAS to be above the master cylinder?????? is yours with the new mounting position?
oops, sorry i forgot to mention that in my post. i made sure it would work before i started messing with it. and i am a tech for porsche so im fairly well eduacted about brakes
deafseeingeyedog said:
i am a tech for porsche so im fairly well eduacted about brakes
just checking dude, I didnt need your back ground info
sry, didnt mean to come off as an ass
ok here are the pics. i dont have one to compare to stock. i did it after work and didnt have a camera to take the before shot. yea its kind of blurry but you can see where the plastic mounting bracket needs to be put under instead of sitting on top. theres a bump on the bottom of the metal mounting nub, so just take the aluminum spacer out of the plastic piece and put the bolt in through the bottom with a washer.


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aww.. you get that thing get rained on... i can give it a nice home if you want...
^ Hahah.. Thats how we play in FL.
yeah if u dont like the weather here wait 10 minutes.
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