I recently sold my 2000 R6 and remembered that I have a ton of take-offs in my attic. I had done the undertail conversion to a 2001 undertail and added lots of carbon fiber...

All of these parts are in good shape. Most of the stuff should fit any R6 from 1999 to 2002. The undertail and taillight are specific to the 1999 and 2000 year models. I took them all off at about 1,000 miles so they've not seen a ton of mileage. If you're interested in something, just let me know and I'll see how much shipping would cost. I'm in Denton, Texas so, if you're local, we can arrange a pick-up.

Also, I have other stuff I'll be listing as I work through the items.

Undertail and all related bolts and fasteners ($40)

Composite material Wood Auto part Gas Metal

Automotive lighting Rectangle Automotive design Jewellery Quartz

Front fender ($50)

Helmet Automotive design Fender Wood Personal protective equipment

Rear tire hugger fender ($20)

Sleeve Automotive exterior Bumper Automotive wheel system Auto part

Stock mirrors ($20)

Brown Glasses Vision care Goggles Eyewear

Taillight ($40), front and rear blinkers ($20 each pair), and all reflectors ($5)

Wood Bumper Bag Gas Luggage and bags

Audio equipment Cable Wire Electrical wiring Gas

Audio equipment Composite material Auto part Electronics accessory Science

Rectangle Font Wood Tints and shades Metal