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Are you interested in being part of the R6Messagenet team? Do you have a passion for R6s and want to become more involved? Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the staff, beginning in a moderator position?

We are always looking for those who are genuinely interested in joining our team, and here's your opportunity to express your interest.

Start by contacting me via PM.

Tell us a little about yourself. Tell us about any relevant experience - are you (or have you been in the past) staff somewhere else? Do you have a particular bit of experience that might be beneficial to the site? Tell us about the amount of time you have available to spend here at K5owners, and anything else you feel that is relevant to possibly making the "next step" in your R6Messagenet experience.

All members should understand that an application for a staff position doesn't necessarily guarantee a position and we are only accepting a select few. Those who are shortlisted may be called up now or in the future. Everyone is welcome to apply.

Just a note to those that apply – all of the staff here are volunteers for the good of the site. This is not a paying position. If you are not a patient person this is not the position for you. Having a thick skin is also helpful ;)

Duties that potential new staff would have includes sorting and organizing threads, helping members with site issues, general site housekeeping, and of course quelling disagreements. You will be trained on the inner workings of the site platform along with the methods to follow the standard operating procedures set forth for staff.

If you are picked to join the staff, and decide that it's just not for you, then you are more then welcome to return to regular membership with no hard feelings whatsoever. We do ask that if you find yourself in this situation to acknowledge that member privacy is of utmost concern and ask that you not divulge any private information that you may have learned along the way.

Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you if you decide to throw your hat in the ring :)
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