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The large company I work for is doing an interview-a-thon next week, by invitation only.

One way to get an invitation is to have an employee reference you.

If you:
a) Live in the Denver-metro area (south side Littleton/Englewood (I would name the business park, but that would give it away) is where the job is at)
b) Won't be a huge emberassment for me to reference.
c) Want to work in a job listed on the website (PM me, I'll give you the website).

Let me know.

Couple things that are odd, and PLEASE don't thread-jack this:
1) The campus is a non-smoking campus. Not in designated areas. Not outside. Not in your car in the parking lot. Nowhere. So, if you think that's going to be a problem, you were warned. We do drug test before employment, as well.
2) We don't pay well, but in 10 years, you'll probably still have a job.
3) Employee benefits -> health, dental, vision, 401k.
4) Fringe benefits -> PM me.

What's in it for me:
I get entered in a drawing... and if you stay on for 6 months after you're hired, I get a small bonus.
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