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Anyone heard of Laverda?

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I consider myself a pretty informed motorcyclist, but you just never hear anything about this company. They are Italian sportbikes that are all done up like they do (Ohlins, Marchesini, Brembo). When I was first getting into bikes, I went down to my local dealership and they were an authorized dealer. So, it was like the first sportbike that I saw up close and personal. And the town I lived in was a one horse town. :beathorse Population 500. They make a decent looking bike.

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Yeah, I was looking at a Formula 750SS at one time from them, or a Ghost Strike. They stopped producing for a while, and then got bought, by Cagiva if IIRC.
theyve been around for a while.

They had the repuation of being a mans bike at some point, or so Im told. Not old enough to remember that.

But they were known for quality and twins.
they used to be spanish based before italians buying them.
red998 said:
they used to be spanish based before italians buying them.
Ummm, no. They were founded in 1947 in Italy.

Oh yeah, and I also looked it up, they were purchased by the Piaggio group, who makes the Vespa and also owns
Moto Guzzi
the headlights are freaking me out
FailureByDesign said:
the headlights are freaking me out
I agree. My daughters eyes do the same thing when I catch her trying to light the cat on fire or scale the refrigerator.
i've heard of laverda but i thought they were more of a scooter company (like vespas) than a bike co. :shrug
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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